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Atlantia Competence Tools

  • Atlantia BaseCamp
    Atlantia BaseCamp

    The main module with company specific contents and design. Here you'll find the user administration and menu for accessing the other modules among other things. More info

  • Atlantia Contacts
    Atlantia Contacts

    Atlantia Contacts lets you move your address book online. Keep track of customers, suppliers, partners etc. and track important activities and communications with these. More info

  • Atlantia CourseAdmin
    Atlantia CourseAdmin

    Keep control on courses with goals, target groups, documentation, classrooms, instructors, equipment, etc. Track participants, course calendar and print diplomas. More info

  • Atlantia CourseBuilder
    Atlantia CourseBuilder

    Produce your own e-learning courses through a easy to use user interface. The course is made available on the site with a single key press. More info

  • Atlantia CoursePlanner
    Atlantia CoursePlanner

    CoursePlanner lets you build a course structure (e-learning and classroom courses) with topics, duration, target groups, learning goals etc. in a systematic way. The course structure can then easily be exported to CourseBuilder. More info

  • Atlantia DocumentMan
    Atlantia DocumentMan

    Create and share electronic documents online. Track revisions and changes, and make the documents available for those you want, regardless of their physical location. More info

  • Atlantia eLearningAdmin
    Atlantia eLearningAdmin

    Organize and give access to own and external e-learning courses. More info

  • Atlantia FeedBack
    Atlantia FeedBack

    Tool for gathering feedback on the various training actions. The feedback form is tied to e-learning or classroom courses, and reports can be compiled. More info

  • Atlantia NewsTool
    Atlantia NewsTool

    Create news articles with text and images and publish these on the frontpage. Create newsletters and send to customers, internal news, etc. More info

  • Atlantia ResourceAdmin
    Atlantia ResourceAdmin

    Plan and keep track of available resources, create work assignments and activities, and show it all in a calendar for an easy overview. More info

  • Atlantia SurveyTool
    Atlantia SurveyTool

    Tool for creating and following up surveys, customer satisfaction and so on. Various reports can be compiled, or the results downloaded. More info

  • Atlantia WebTest
    Atlantia WebTest

    Create tests that ties to e-learning courses or classroom courses. The tests can be printed and done on paper. Various reports on courses, arrangements, customers, etc. can be compiled. More info